Aquipu (pronounced Aah-KEY-pu) is a word meaning "knot" in the Cusco Quechua language of the ancient Inca civilization of South America.

Aquipu were assemblages of knotted strings used to record numercial information in a base-10 system.  Aquipu was an important technology for the Incas, and they typically used it to record resources, inventory, livestock and harvest data, and to track events and time.  They were used as a recording and planning mechanism to ensure that their society's requirements were able to be met, and to anticipate problems ahead.

Today, Aquipu Financial Consultants builds models to help clients do the same thing - assemble financial data into a comprehensible format, and actively use that to plan ahead, anticipate risks or problems, and take action to avoid them.


A fine example of aquipu knots on display in the Museo Largo, Lima, Peru:


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