We provide you with a complete financial modelling service: we can build entire models from scratch, or build on existing models which need to be more comprehensive.  We can work independently, or work with your staff as extra resource for times of peak workload.

Building Models

Financial modelling never occurs in a vacuum. Our commercial experience over more than 20 years ensures that we first:

1.     Understand your business

2.     Understand your aims

3.     Understand the need that the model is intended to meet

We will then build one or more models to your specification.  We generally use Excel, because it is an industry standard, it is universally used, and because it enables easy export or import of data to or from other software. All our models are:

·  flexible, to accommodate change as it occurs

·  assumption-driven: changes to assumptions can be made rapidly, and will update the entire model without needing to rework formulae

·  comprehensive: the entire required suite of outputs is contained within the model, and is updated from changes to assumptions

·  user-friendly, to enable your staff to use them as needed, without the need for substantial training


Our models are designed to be used to support decision-making, not simply to record a transaction.  They can be used to support negotiations and speed up decision-making. We can provide a model for you to use in negotiating financing, or can attend negotiations with you to provide modelling support on-the-spot.

Have a look at our case studies, which highlight some of our previous work.