Here are some examples of work we have done with clients in the past:

Aspinal of London:

  • Retailer and online seller of luxury leather goods
  • Developed a 5-year financial model for refinancing an existing package of bank debt with another lender
  • Fully integrated model with P&L, cash flows, balance sheet and bank covenants
  • Included plans for international expansion and re-focus of product & store offerings
  • Further developed the model for an exit plan for sale of founding shareholders' stake

Capita Symonds Limited:

  • Part of Capita, a FTSE-100 outsourced business services group
  • Developed financial model for innovative 10-year bid for outsourced services to a Borough Council in London
  • Detailed costing of initiatives, capital expenditure, staff restructuring and redeployment, and pricing strategies
  • Modelled substantial new revenue streams to be created as joint ventures with the Council under the outsourcing arrangement
  • Significant savings and culture change to be gained
  • After winning the bid, converted the model to an operational model for business managers to use to monitor results and progress under the outsourcing contract.

Logica plc:

  • FTSE-350 business services company, which had won a contract to overhaul and manage the global fuel card business of Shell plc
  • Developed comprehensive cash flow models of transformation project being implemented for Shell, and ongoing operations post-project completion
  • Macro-driven consolidation tool for management review of contract performance
  • Handed-over model to Logica staff for ongoing use as a forecasting tool and P&L control

African Minerals Limited:

  • FTSE-listed mining company, developing world-class iron ore resource in Sierra Leone
  • Built full-scale financial model for 3-phase project development, funded by external debt, joint venture partner equity injections and early phase cash flow
  • Over $9Bn of investment over 10 years
  • 45m tonnes per annum volume operation
  • Financial model used to raise external debt and equity
  • Model used to assess value of joint venture equity and discounted off-take deals
  • Model used to promote project to local Government, by calculating detailed benefits, tax flows and GDP impact

More London:

  • 2m square feet office, retail and hotel development in prime central London site 
  • £1 Billion cost of development 
  • Built integrated financial models for 10 developments from scratch, plus a consolidation model 
  • Entire suite of models driven by adjustable assumptions 
  • Highly leveraged long-term project with 25-year life 
  • The models supported re-financing of first development phase, raising of further finance for remaining development and securitisation

Thames Water:

  • Major water utility in South-East England, diversifying into non-regulated business with long-term managed-risk build and supply contracts
  • Successful bid for Public Private Partnership (PPP) project worth £350m
  • Major investment in infrastructure and ongoing supply, recovered in fixed price from Government department customer 
  • Incentivised through penalty deductions for sub-standard performance measured on an output basis, and profit share for returns beyond trigger levels 
  • Leveraged joint venture in Special Purpose Vehicle company 
  • Built comprehensive financial model built to reflect transaction
  • Monte Carlo simulation used to model and price for major risks
  • Supported negotiations with financiers and joint venture partner

Mercury Health:

  • Subsidiary of Tribal Group, LSE-listed outsourced services provider
  • Financial modelling of Public Private Partnership (PPP) bid to Department of Health worth £125m
  • Successful bid to build and operate Private Sector Independent Treatment Centres in North-West England - an innovation to reduce waiting lists for routine surgery, using a unit payment mechanism to fund private sector day surgery units.

Connex Transport:

  • Large-scale passenger rail service provider in South-East England bidding for long-term rail franchises across the UK
  • Built comprehensive financial models from client's basic model for a series of bids for 20-year franchises with up to £1.5 Billion investment per franchise - modelled investment, financing structures, securitised revenue, operating costs, long-term rolling stock leases, penalty regimes and risk analysis
  • Built financial models from scratch to forecast equity returns, assess sensitivities and risks 
  • Models used to structure proposals and to support negotiations in highly competitive situations
  • We worked as part of a multi-disciplinary bid team, with engineers, legal advisors, financiers and operations managers

Department for Children, Schools & Families:

  • Large central Government department undergoing major change
  • Created financial model to support business case for £224m IT-led business change project in central and local government 
  • Project had fluid scope but a fixed budget and delivery timeframe
  • Commercial approach taken - project mostly managed and developed by private sector experts
  • Comprehensive model used to justify business case and subsequent Government Gateway project approval reviews 
  • Model used for ongoing forecasting and tight cost control of project



  • Subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, providing IT and communications solutions
  • Created financial model for £25m telephony and IT outsourcing deal
  • Provided analysis and advice on pricing and capital expenditure
  • Developed processes to support sales management in financial analysis of a range of other deals
  • Commercial review of new business proposals